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Timo Dygryn

From the Desk of Timo Dygryn

Hi, I´m Timo Dygryn

Before I´ll introduce myself, I´d like you to understand a very important thing:

According to a survey my mentor recently did, 96% of all marketers are failing in affiliate marketing - and they have NO CLUE why!

They try to market other people´s products and they don´t even know why only a handful of marketers out there are making millions and they themselves often can´t even make a single sale per week!

The main reason for that is, that they are told that it´s easy to make thousands a day just by copy paste a guru´s business and they earn residual income on autopilot for the rest of their lives while they travel the world. Well, eventually that´s possible of course, but it´s not as easy as the big guys out there want you to believe!

But you´re a lucky one! You are here and you´re watching this video right now!

Times are about to change for you!


Affiliate Marketing Madness

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How can A.M.M. change you?

Because the “Affiliate Marketing Madness Eco Method” you´re about to discover (I will call it AMM Eco Method from now on) changed not only my marketing career - it has the potential to change yours as well!

If you implement what you´re about to learn, you will be in that 4% group of successful marketers! No doubt about that! You´re about to play the marketing game like the big guys do on a whole new level, and without competition even if you don´t have your own product!

The knowledge you´re about learn, can change your whole world and your family’s world as well.

The “AMM Eco Method” is the main reason why failing marketers can start at zero and learn step by step how to structure a business like the “big guys” in marketing are doing it.

And the best thing: You´ll discover how to build it in a way that money´s coming in from several different income streams.

See for yourself what others say who are already working with the “A.M.M. Eco Method”:

Sidd Rajsekar

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Sidd Rajsekar is a college dropout from India and he was broke in 2009. But then he made the decision to build his own business for his pregnant wife and himself and found the “AMM Eco Method”. He followed the training “to the T”. Therefore, he earned over 500.000 Dollars in only 15 months applying what he learned!

Paolo Beringuel

Affiliate Marketer

After losing his well-paid job Paolo Beringuel struggled for over six years in the online marketing niche and was close to giving up his journey. But then he discovered the “AMM Eco Method”. Therefore, after applying it, he became one of the top affiliates in his niche making tens of thousands each month!

Pete Kachev

Entrepreneur, YouTuber

Pete Kachev always felt that there was more in life than working 16-hour shifts. He didn´t like none of his many jobs he had. But then he found the “AMM Eco Method” and here is what he says today: “Instead of only learning tactics, the “AMM Eco Method” showed me how I was able to rise above myself and grow.” Today, he makes more than $10K per month thanks to the “AMM Eco Method”

Miles Seegers

Affiliate Entrepreneur

Ex-Corporate Employee Miles Seegers was not very happy with what was shown in his life. He struggled for many years. But then he heard about the “AMM Eco Method” and he learned that he could promote any affiliate offer he likes with it, no matter what niche it is in. He says: “It´s a done for you, hands-on system where you can take a person that´s brand new and knows nothing about affiliate marketing and they can follow that done for you system that is built around whatever they want to promote, so they can earn big commissions with it”. He implemented everything he learned from the “AMM Eco Method”. Today he´s earning a full time living online.

Vernon Nate

Network Marketer, Affiliate Entrepreneur

Before Vernon Nate tried the “AMM Eco Method” he started many different online and network marketing businesses and struggled for many years. He bought training after training and got almost no results. His biggest check after 8 years was 1250 dollars. But then he implemented the “AMM Eco Method”. Therefore, he quadrupled his previous results into 4860 dollars.

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Well... good for them!

If you´re thinking now: “Well that´s good for them, but how can I do this? I tried so many things in the past and it all did not work out for me!”

You have to understand one thing:

It is NOT your fault that you could not make it work.

There is a reason why only 4% of all affiliate marketers out there succeed.

The “AMM Eco Method” you´re about to discover is totally different and it will pull you over to the right side. The side where you will be one of the 4% that succeed.

It´s a brand-new way of selling other people´s products and earning multiple times from one customer.

It will raise yourself head and shoulders above your competition.

If you ever dreamed about being on top of the leader boards, working wherever and whenever you like, this is the way to go. 

Get Affiliate Marketing Madness Now For Only



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Your Major Breakthrough!

But you need to learn something very important before you can have your first major breakthrough with the “AMM Eco Method”:

The Gurus out there who are REALLY successful that make a few thousand bucks A DAY just did not tell you the (whole) truth.

They´re holding something back.

There is something missing.

Something very important.

You see?

There´s more to it than just sending visitors to an offer.

You probably heard that before: “Just send your visitors here and boom you´re about to make sales.”


Without building yourself and positioning yourself the right way, you will not make it in the affiliate marketing business.

But why would those gurus lie?

They want to make it look easier than it is, to make you join their system or a system they promote.

Whenever you hear “just copy and paste my business” you should immediately stop listening and leave their site!

There is no copy and paste business! There´s more to it than that!

Act Now!

If you want to learn a better way to build your business, a business that is sustainable, will be with you for the rest of your life, that brings you commissions every week and if you want to build something fun, that you can pass to your children even, listen very carefully:

There is a link somewhere around this video where you can join the Affiliate Marketing Madness Video Training that shows you step-by-step how you need to get started with your own highly profitable business.

But this video training is just the beginning!

After you watched the training, you will know everything you will need to know to promote other people´s products like the big guys are doing it.

At this point the only thing you need is visitors on your pages. And this is where my mentor Vick will take over. You will discover exactly how to drive targeted visitors like a pro and get your first sale...

So together, we will guide you through all the steps you need to set up your own highly profitable “AMM Eco Method”-Business, but this blueprint might not be around for long or it will not be available for free anymore.

So, do yourself a favor and ACT NOW!

Click below to get your hands on this video training and also get my mentor´s traffic blueprint!

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100% FREE for a limited time

Here´s what´s included

The Kick-Start Video Lessons:

Lesson #1

How To Pick The right kind of Products and where to find them.

Lesson #2


What 99% of all Gurus Hide From You.

Lesson #3

Why you need your own landing pages and how to set them up.

Lesson #4

The Autoresponder and why we need it as affiliate marketers.

The High-End Beginner Videos Contain:

Plus: You´ll receive these bonusses:

Traffic Blue-Print

Discover My Mentors Traffic-Blueprint that made him a Multi-Millionaire

Training Course

Audio Course

Cheat Sheet

Resource Sheet


Is This For You?

How do you know, if this will work for you?

Let me tell you something about myself:

I started my marketing career because I wanted to sell my own rock music online and I quickly realized that I was in a market where I couldn´t make that much money. A dollar per song is not exactly much if you´re not famous, without having a huge following, right?

But I realized more and more that what I was really passionate about was marketing!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly a fast starter! I didn´t have the right guidance at first. I learned from several so-called gurus with zero results.

And I also followed one trend after the other. You probably know this as well, right? When those gurus sell you the next big facebook trick or Instagram hack? All it does is to flush money in their pockets – most of the time it doesn´t help because the real solution goes way deeper!

After founding my mentor, I cut all connections to all these other marketers and I only learned from him. He showed me why the “AMM Eco Method” is so powerful and why it makes perfect sense to use it to market other people´s products.

What I learned was transforming myself from the inside! My limited thinking was responsible for not having the success I wanted in my life!

What the “AMM Eco Method” showed me was that these days – especially in affiliate marketing - you don´t have a business – you ARE a business. You need to build your business around you! That way you don´t have competition even if you´re selling other people´s products!

After learning and applying those principles and realizing that success started with my thinking, I got my first breakthroughs and after a while those came more often.

The “AMM Eco Method” completely transformed my life! And it works for everybody – It´s up to you - you just have to follow it.

Who knows? In a year from now, you can work whenever and wherever you want. Totally free because of this method.

Thousands of people already applied these tactics and you can too!

Why A.M.M. is different

Now, why is the “AMM Eco Method” so different from anything else you have seen before?

This is a whole new method to make sales without selling and then earn multiple times on autopilot from every customer.

Why would anybody buy from you?

People buy because they know, like and trust you.

But let´s start at the beginning:

The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself: “What market do you want to be in?”

What is it that you are good at? What do you like?

Then check if there is a market for that. Are there products that other people might buy?

Once you find a profitable product you want to promote and that matches what you are truly passionate about, it´s simple to give it to your audience and make a commission if somebody buys.

Basically, what you´re doing is help the big brands out there to make sales.

And here´s a little graphic of some of the businesses that run affiliate programs. As you can see, there are big brands that you can pick products from that you can promote.

No matter what niche you´re in: you can make money in it! No doubt about that!

In return these companies pay you huge commissions for sending them customers.

And listen: Those customers would buy anyway! Why not collecting commissions for transactions you made happen?

But do it in a certain way only the big guys do it.

Do it with style. Do it with the “AMM Eco Method”

You will discover exactly how in the video training and especially in the free traffic blueprint.

Here´s the next step

Click on the button below to get access to this video training and if you like it, download the free traffic blueprint afterwards.

Then my mentor will present all the details you will ever need to get your “AMM Eco Method”-Business started.

But do it right now!

This blueprint might not be free anymore tomorrow or not even be around!

So, get the video training and download the free blueprint right now!

Get Affiliate Marketing Madness Now For Only



100% FREE for a limited time

Time for a decision

Look, you´ve learned that there´s a reason why 96% of all marketers out there fail.

You also have learned that the remaining 4% of people that run successful affiliate businesses are hiding things from you to make you miss out BIG TIME!

The video training you can join when you click on the link below and the FREE bonus blueprint that follows afterwards will guide you a way out of that!

It´s time for a decision.

You have three options now:

Option #1: You do nothing, and you stay exactly where you are right now

If you´re already making enough money and you are free to work whenever and wherever you´d like you maybe don´t need the “AMM Eco Method” Training.

Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can try to learn something about marketing from Guru A then something about landing page creation from Guru B and then something about traffic from Guru C. And then – only if your lucky – you figure it out yourself and you make some cash

But: the odds are not in your favor. As you discovered before: they don´t even tell you the whole truth!

Option #3: Let this video training do the heavy lifting for you and just join. And then dowwnload the free traffic blueprint afterwards.

You´ll learn exactly what to do and there will be no stone left unturned to make you successful.

You just must block some time, listen carefully and take notes.

If you want to get a head start and really learn what works in our industry, you need to get your hands on the “AMM Eco Method”

So, join the video training below and download the free traffic blueprint to get started with your own highly profitable affiliate marketing business.

Become an affiliate entrepreneur now!

Take care and speak soon,

Get Affiliate Marketing Madness Now For Only



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